Ayurveda is not only an ancient medicinal system, but also is an art of science to achieve daily harmony in our life. With practical solutions and ideas to achieve perfect healthy mind and body through preventive care, ayurveda prescribes “Dinacharya”, a specific daily routine. Our ancestors had constituted this wonderful methodology as a strong healing technique and offers the best curative medicine ever possible says a specialist doctor of Jeevana, a reputed Ayurvedic hospital In Pune. A crux of these techniques to add ayurveda in everyday life is presented below to achieve immense benefits. Here we go.

1. Early rise
The first and foremost suggestion of dinacharya deals with early rising. Thanks to vata dosha, waking during predawn hours facilitates vibrant energy and positive vibes to get filled up in the body. Also waking in the early hours makes it easier to practice meditation.

2. Go for a walk
In ayurveda, walking is considered as tridoshic exercise. In simple words, walking meticulously balances all the three doshas without putting additional strains in the body. Moreover while walking early in the morning, mind attains the state of calmness and all the sensory organs get nourished.

3. Experience yourself
With quiet ambience in the morning, try to realize your true nature by indulging self introspective thoughts. Bring in the positive vibes and experience the inner self of yourself.

4. Clear your bowel
Make out the best effort of waking early in the morning by clearing your bowel at the earliest possible opportunity. As per ayurveda, any delay in clearing colon and bladder leads to slow poisoning and paves way to development of chronic diseases.

5. Start the day with detoxification
How about rejuvenating your body with a simple detoxification procedure early in the morning? Juice of half a lemon with water destroys all toxins in the body that have accumulated overnight. Moreover, this simple mixture has immense anti-bacterial properties to guide you towards good health.

6. Drink ample water
Ama or toxins get accumulated in the body throughout the day. An easy way as prescribed by Ayurveda is to keep on sipping water to enable easy digestion.

7. Purify senses
Washing eyes with rose water and ears with small quantity of warm almond oil, gargling mouth with sesame oil and finally jal neti for the nose would easily purify all the sensory organs.

8. Exercise
Early morning exercise is a sure shot method to make your body firm and light and strengthen the muscles. It need not be strenuous like sprints, but can be simple exercises like walking.

9. Massage
When our body is massaged with pure oils, it moisturizes and detoxifies our skin, especially during winter periods.

10. Include herbs
Healthy herbs and spices like ginger, garlic, cumin, pepper, and turmeric are magic ingredients for good health. A wise use of all these herbs and spices would prevent many of the cardiovascular and digestive system ailments.

11. Relax
As sun sets in the west, make sure to stop all the strenuous work of the day and start relaxing your body by reading or spending quality time with family.

12. Infuse aroma
Add aroma to the ambience either through incense sticks or aromatic oils to produce a calming and balancing effect.

13. Finish your meal
Make it a point to finish your day’s meal as the sun sets down. And be careful to have light portions of dinner that are easily digestible.

14. Bedtime
As a good bedtime practice, calm your system by massaging the soles of your feet with therapeutic oil as prescribed by your ayurvedic physician.

15. Proper sleep
You may be surprised to know that proper and deep sleeping not only facilitates body rejuvenation but also detoxifies and stimulates vibrant energy.

Sure, the list includes many more such as meditation, eating, and diet habits. It should be clearly understood that suggestions of ayurveda needs to be followed in conjunction with good lifestyle habits and diet to achieve the best results, says a reputed Ayurvedic Doctor In Pune.

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