14 Essential Ayurvedic Tips for Winter

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14 Essential Ayurvedic Tips for Winter

Winter: A morning nostalgic. A day serene. An evening wet. A night by the fire. A season loved. Winter brings with it a ragged old sack of thoughts and flashback of the estranged leaves on the road, the dry red ‘Chinar’ with a shade of brown, the smell of the moist fog, the white snowflakes with a touch of blue. The cold tips of your fingers. Winter mesmerizes every one with its serene beauty, when every non-existent thing around you starts appearing beautiful. This daughter of nature, brings us the reminiscences of Lucy who dwelt in the untrodden ways, besides the spings of Dove. Because Winter is as beautiful as Lucy, who is fair as a star when only one is shining in the sky.

We adore winter with every inch of our soul and live every moment of it. But amidst the days when we see the best of Mother Nature, we forget to take care of our beautiful self. Ayurveda, meaning knowledge for life, is the only system of medicine with the historical roots in the Indian Subcontinent. It has eight components: =>Kāyacikitsā








But winter brings with it cracked lips and feet, dry skin and cheeks. Here we, Jeevana a reputed Ayurvedic Center In Pune,  offer you with 14 essential ayurvedic tips for your beautiful skin this winter.

  1. A morning yoga/walk: Winter brings with it less sunlight, depriving you of vitamin D. So when the morning sunrays reach the earth, it is beneficial to go for a yoga session or a walk to activate the heat of the body.
  1. Diets for Immunity: During winter, you tend to fall sick soon. It is recommended to opt for health vegan diets to keep up the immunity of your day.
  1. Benefits of the Non-vegetarian food: One is advised to eat lots of meats, carbs, fishes, and the heat providing non-vegetarian food during winter.
  1. Drink warm water: Drinking warm water helps your body temperature maintain its heat and also keeps your throats safe from infections.
  1. Nourishing Meals: Raw veggies, roasted roots, soups etc are recommended during winter. These meals do not inculcate fats for weight gain but keeping the nutrition needed by your body to the mark.
  1. Foods Rich in Vitamin E: Spinach, mustard and turnip greens, sunflower seed, soyabeans etc. help keeping the body oil and vitamin E in the body in a proper measure.
  1. Tea with warming spices: Tea during winter is loved by all. Adding warming spices not only enhances the tastes but also keeps you from falling sick.
  1. Ghee or Coconut oil: Ghee and Coconut oil are recommended to be used on a regular basis to keep your skin from dryness and cracks.
  1. Bath: It is mandatory to have bath every day with Luke warm water and an oil massage.
  1. Moisturize: It is suggested to use a moisturizer after bath to fill up the skin pores which if not done will inculcate the cold wind and dust particles causing you to fall sick.
  1. Sweating treatment: A hot water bath is suggested to shrug off the excess coldness and to balance out the scarcity of light.
  1. Dress Warmly: This is done even if unsaid. One is highly advised to stay properly dressed in the warm wears to escape from the cold.
  1. Footwear: Warm footwear is advised strongly to save your feet from getting cold as it may result in a high fever.
  1. Remedy for dry skin: Use of herbal oil-massage to escape dry skin during winters is highly recommended.

Winter bestows on us with a beauty beyond the descriptions of Wordsworth. And these few tips will help bestow on your health and beautiful skin everlasting glow.

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