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Secret of Fast Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the major causes of all diseases currently affecting global population. Even Indians are catching up fast on the overweight syndrome courtesy changing lifestyle, stressed out hectic professional schedule and gorging on junk foods – a disastrous combination that ultimately starts taking toll on health. The immediate effect of unhealthy lifestyle is visible on abnormal weight gain which culminates into serious ailments with increasing age & time.


On taking cognizance people start practicing yoga & control their food habit however a drastic weight loss without following a proper method & technique can do more harm than good. We should approach a consulting doctor before deciding ourselves on diet loss & exercise program. We can seek guidance from slimming centers as well who have a team of dedicated professionals & expert consultant. Jeevana is one such slimming center in Pune situated in Shivaji nagar who not only treats patients for their ailments or obesity but guides them towards a holistic healing of entire body to help them lead a better enlightened life. They follow the traditional ayurvedic technique to relieve patients of their chronic problems.


Jeevana experts headed by Dr. Vinod Nair & his wife Dr. Preetha Nair personally chalks out the slimming program for individual clients; they take into account their diet charts, nutrition requirement and exercise plan despite of having an enormous client pressure comprising of celebrities as well as common people like us. Redesigned diet chart reinvigorates metabolic activities & coupled with proper exercise plan, ensures the client reduce the abnormal weight by natural process without application of external medicine or surgical procedure. Natural weight loss under supervision of expert involves holistic healing & restores lost health. Restricted diet along with rigorous exercise regime burns calories, increases metabolic activities, cleanses the internal system without any adverse effect on the overall health. Balanced nutritious diet revitalizes mental health of the patient. It results in reenergized vigor, increased concentration and alertness.


Various spa, cosmetic & laser treatment centre mushrooming across the country come up with lucrative offers every day. They ensure to get rid of the excess unwanted fat through cosmetic & laser treatment which involves going under the knife or taking western medicine. Western medicine cannot be ignored in extreme medical condition however no one on earth can deny the negative side effects they have. Hence it’s always advisable to avoid them whenever possible. In obesity, help is available at a much lesser cost & that too involving a complete natural process. Why not indulge in the benefit suggested by our forefathers million of years ago.


Special treatments are undertaken in Jeevana as a part of their slimming programs. They consist a relaxing body massage either with herbal powders or with medicated oils. Ayurvedic diet includes herbal juices, herbal tea & detoxifiers to cleanse the entire system & not just cut down the body fat. Medicated steam bath, yoga belong to the long list of curriculum activity taken up by Jeevana experts to help clients reshape their body, gain confidence & take a step forward towards holistic healing.

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