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Ayurveda Skin Care Tips for Your Skin Type

Who would not like to have a health, glowing, nourished skin complexion devoid of pimples & acne without compromising on health & budget?

Ayurveda, the ancient traditional Hindu wisdom of healing, good health & long life has amazing tips to take care of beauty care regimen. Our gross body is made up of three main bio elements namely Vata, Pittah & Kapha. All these are present in varying degree in all human bodies & balance of these elements is a much needed factor in maintaining good health, radiant skin & black luster hair. Excess accumulation of any one of these bio elements result in destroying the natural balance of the bodily constituents & leads to various diseases including unhealthy skin related problems.

Imbalance in Vata leads to normal dry skin, dull complexion, small pores & fine lines where Pittah dosha i.e imbalance of Pittah elements leads to sensitive skin that is soft & prone to early wrinkles & skin irritation. On the other hand, Kapha dosha gives rise to oily skin that burns due to long sunlight exposure.

Ayurvda is an all inclusive holistic healing technique which takes note of symptoms carefully & treats the root cause of the problem instead of superficial suppression of the symptom which is usually the norm of western medicines. Once the balance of bio-elements is restored, disease symptoms are eliminated & the person regains his/her vitality, which is evident from radiant healthy skin, lustrous hair & shiny white teeth.

The skin has the ability to cleans & rejuvenate itself. Sweating through pores lets it cleanse the body off toxins. The skin is made up of five elements of nature & there can be dominance of one or more element on the person which outlines the skin characteristic of the person. The elements as described in Hindu tradition is called ‘Pancha tattwa’ comprising of Air, Space, Water, Fire & Earth. Maintaining the balance between these five elements & syncing them with nature is what an Ayurveda does.

One needs to know the type of skin one has to take care of it. A simple look at the skin might not be sufficient for a common man to understand its type hence it’s advisable to visit Jeevana Kerala Ayurvedic Centre in Pune to seek expert advice & help to get rid of any dosha & restore balance. This centre provides one of the best ayurvedic treatments & has visitors from across the country & abroad.

The doctors can find out the skin type using their experience & expertise & can advise you accordingly as to how proper care to be taken.

A normal-dry skin with thin small pores & fine lines give rise to spot dryness & lack of moisture, whereas some other dry skin can lead to flakiness & roughness due to dominance of one of the five factors.

Basic minimal cleansing & cleaning need to be practiced every day by each individual to maintain a radiant glowing skin however it cannot replace the wisdom & expertise of skilled experience doctors.

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