Drinking water before or after meal is bad habit, says Ayurveda!

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Drinking water before or after meal is bad habit, says Ayurveda!

Biological urges are fundamental and we all reach out to quench our thirst or hunger or sleep or such other basic requirements. However, humans have evolved differently and therefore we made some rules and norms to live the better life and remain healthy. The ancient chronicles relating to health, hygiene, medicine and nutrition have deliberated upon the best ways to consume food and water so that our body remains fit and bouncy. One such question also relates to the intake of water at the time of meals. People often query whether they should drink water right before the meal or exactly when they complete their meal at the table. Some also ask whether drinking small amounts of water during the meals is a good idea. Experts at Kerala Ayurvedic center in Pune have explained these queries through their scientific logic. Let’s see what they say about these questions.

Drinking water before meal –

According to Ayurveda, drinking water before meal is not advisable because the stomach fire or the ‘agni’ gets diluted. In simpler terms, it could be understood that the water reaching the stomach dilutes the acids and hence the digestive power is negatively affected. This means that the digestion process of the food will be weakened leading to other problems like indigestion, flatulence and even weakness and emaciation. Even if the medicines are to be taken before the meals then it is generally advised that it be taken half an hour before the meal.

Drinking water right after the meal –

The second case is that of drinking water at the completion of your meal. Experts at Kerala Ayurvedic center in Pune have again cautioned against this practice, saying this could be also harmful in the long run. Most people are in the habit of drinking one to two glass of water right after consuming food. The quality of the food that they eat is drastically lowered as they drink water immediately after the meal. The agni or the digestive fire is again affected because water acts as a coolant in the stomach and also renders the enzymes as ineffective. In such a condition, the digestion is badly affected and gets prolonged. The body also develops the tendency to absorb more of the fat from the food being digested rather than eliminating the same. Toxins are also accumulated in the body that can be the cause of many ailments.

Drinking water during the meal –

Ayurveda however recommends intake of small quantities of water during the meal. According to Kerala Ayurvedic center in Pune, drinking little quantities of water during the meals is considered good because it loosens the food that is being ingested and thus helps in easy digestion. Ayurvedic principles caution that water should not be chilled or else the agni would get destroyed.

Hence, Ayurveda recommends that small amounts of water can be taken during the meal and intake of water before and after the meal should be restricted as a bad habit.

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