Ayurveda offers well tested prescriptions towards boosted digestion and immunity

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Ayurveda offers well tested prescriptions towards boosted digestion and immunity

Ayurveda, the ancient health and healing science from India touches upon every dimension and recommends the best practices and jadi butis towards better life and living. Ayurveda has also discussed the important dimensions of digestion and immunity power so that optimized health is ensured for everyone. Ayurveda is based onthe fundamental belief that every matter or energy is comprised of the five components which are earth, air, water, fire and sky. It also considers that human body responds towards these components in environment through the vital interplay of vata, pitta and kapha. Pitta is governed by the ‘fire’ element and thus represents the agni or the ‘digestive fire’ in the body. Based on these fundamentals, Ayurveda offers clear prescriptions towards boosting health and immunity.

Before considering the facts of Ayurveda on digestion and immunity, it is essential to know that Ayurveda considers these two as interwoven. According to an Ayurvedic treatment centre in Pune, better immunity is possible through better digestion so that the food that we intake is properly digested to make us healthy; and the toxins which are undesirable are eliminated too, & these do not cause any ailments after getting accumulated in the cells and tissues!Ayurveda experts have counseled some techniques to boost digestion and hence also strengthen the immunity. Read out these below –

• Warm food and not cold!

Ayurveda recommends consuming warm food and avoid which is cold and stale. This is because warm food is easy to digest and assimilate. Cold food neutralizes the agni of the digestive tract, particularly the stomach and much of energy is lost. Stale food needs to be avoided because it has more pathogenic activity which is a burden on the immune system and germs can flourish to develop ailments.

• The rules for water intake

Ayurveda also prescribes principles for the intake of water which is the most important solvent and aids digestion throughout the tract. According to Ayurvedic principles, water should not be taken before the meal. If this is done, the digestive fire is cancelled due to the coolant effect of water. Hence the digestion is weakened.

Kerala Ayurvedic center in Pune says that water need not be taken immediately after the meal because this weakens the enzyme activity in stomach by diluting the food. The digestion time is prolonged and the absorption of fats is increased which makes the person obese over time. Toxins also find way into the body and are accumulated that leads to decreased immunity and diseases of diversity.

• Vajrasan after the meal is good

Vajrasan is a sitting posture with back straight and legs bent back by knees and both toes touching ideally. This posture helps in digestion and should be practiced for atleast 10 – 15 minutes post meal. Vajrasan facilitates the movement of semi digested food in the gut and ensures that undue components and toxins are eliminated rather than getting absorbed.

• Avoid eating when feeling emotionally unbalanced

Ayurveda recommends that if the person is emotionally unbalanced (particularly stressed) due to any reason, then he should avoid the meal because in such a state, the hormonal profile is changed and it negatively affects the digestive fire and overall digestion.

• Give your stomach some time for rest

Give a brief rest period of about an hour to your stomach before engaging in another meal. This will keep the digestive fire and acids balanced.

• Spicy food to be avoided; satvik is best!

The Ayurvedic treatment centre in Pune recommends that spicy food be avoided and one should consume ‘satvik bhojan’; which means a food that is vegetarian, contains least of hot spices, well balanced in all tastes, has a soothing effect on stomach and easy to digest.

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