Ayurvedic herbs and remedies promise resurrections in hair fall and premature graying

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Ayurvedic herbs and remedies promise resurrections in hair fall and premature graying

Everyone wants shiny, black and bouncy hairs because these beautifully complement our personality. With such significance of hairs, we find whole diversity of cosmetic products like shampoos and conditioners that promise quick over night results. However, these claims mostly turn out to be false and on the contrary produce adverse effects on hairs. The number of people suffering from premature graying and hair loss problems is growing around the world. Noted ancient medicine systems like Ayurveda have dealt the concepts of hair health in a fundamental manner and offered prescriptions which are derived from the natural herbs and jadi butis.

The core principle of Ayurvedic hair formulations is based on the fact that hairs cannot be rejuvenated from external applications but only through the internal nutrition. Therefore Ayurveda prescribes specific herbs and products that offer to nourish the hair roots and revitalize the inner process of the body to ultimately develop black, shiny hairs. Ayurvedic center in Pune specializing in hair fall and premature graying problems lists the following herbs towards resurrections.

• Indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberry or amla is considered the wonder fruit in Ayurveda and it is rich in Vitamin C which acts as a generic vitalizer for the body and hair roots. The core benefit that is derived from amla is that it is a potent pacifier of the pitta dosha that is responsible for many types of hair problems, and particularly hair fall and premature graying of hairs. Amla can be consumed in different ways like amla candy, amla churna, amla chawanprasha or even in the raw form.

• Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a highly recommended herb in Ayurveda for controlling the hair loss. Aloe vera contains the active ingredient aloenin that prevent the hair fall and is also helpful in the condition of alopecia. It also promotes the growth of new healthy hairs. Ayurvedic aloe vera hair care products are available in market while raw aloe vera juice can be also used. Leading Ayurvedic treatment center for hair loss recommends aloe vera juice along with amla juice towards resurrecting hair problems.

• Henna

Henna is long known as a nourisher of the hair roots. It contains the antioxidants and vitamins which stimulate the hair follicles leading to healthy hair growth. Hair fall is also arrested. Henna leaves and seeds are also used to balance the pitta dosha in the body which causes various hair problems.

• Bringaraj

This jadi buti offers vital benefits towards healthy hairs that grow long, black and shiny. Ayurvedic hair oil with bringaraaj extract is available from the noted brands and its regular use promotes swift hair growth as the hair follicles are stimulated.

• Fenugreek

Lecithin, an ingredient found in fenugreek promotes healthy hair growth. By improving the blood circulation in the scalp, the nutrients supply is optimized and hair roots get nourishment.

• Hibiscus/gulhad

As per the specialist Ayurvedic center in Pune, Hibiscus leaves and flowers can be mixed to make a paste and applied to the scalp. This helps in rejuvenating the hair roots and the new hair growth is lustrous and shiny while dandruff is also controlled effectively.

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