How Panchkarma detoxification is performed in Ayurveda

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How Panchkarma detoxification is performed in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient science of health that was chronicled by the sages and practitioners centuries ago in India. Ayurvedic therapies make use of the natural products that are available in environment to achieve the resurrections and cures for the patient. However, the definitive aspect of Ayurveda is the fact that the therapies and treatment offered in it are aimed at holistic cures and not merely the treatment of symptoms. Ayurveda also believes that the diseases and conditions manifest as a result of imbalances in internal biochemistries and toxins play important role in these distortions. Thus there has been core emphasis on detoxification process in Ayurveda and concept of Panchakarma has been prescribed to get rid of toxins that accumulate as residues in various organs and processes of body.

Panchakarma detoxification has been offered as a comprehensive treatment that involves various processes and techniques of fundamental value. Every process has been carefully determined to ensure that the specific organs and systems of body that are prone to accumulating the toxic residues are targeted and cleansed; so that the body regains its buoyancy and health again.

The process of Panchkarma -
Before attempting Panchkarma process, there is essentially period of ‘purvakarma’ that prepares the body for toxins elimination. The aim is to loosen the toxic compounds and residues for easy removal through main techniques. It is called as the ‘deepana’ and Pachana’ techniques and later ‘snehana’ (internal & external oleation) is done.
Panchakarma treatment comprises of five essential processes that need to be performed
under specialist’s supervision. These include the following –

1. Vamana
Vamana involves controlled vomiting by the person and is aimed at removal of cough and toxins from the respiratory tract to relieve the person from cough related and skin diseases. It is one of the important components of Panchkarma therapy and specifically recommended for cough dosha.

2. Virechana
Virechana involves the purgation therapy through the use of specific Ayurvedic medicines that induce the elimination of toxins. It is useful in those people who suffer from pitta dosha and related disorders like sciatica and also relieves skin disorders to cause 
glowing skin.

3. Basti
Basti is an enema that is offered through medicated formulation specially prescribed for the purpose. It is useful in pacifying the vata related problems in person and need to be performed under supervision of a specialist. Depending upon the condition from which person suffers, the duration of basti could be of 8 to 30 days! Aseptic and associated hygiene norms need to be adhered.

4. Nasyam
Nasyam involves the administration of medicated oils through the nostrils. It helps in holistic cleansing of the toxins and nourishes the head region directly through the vital ingredients present in nasyam formulation. It is useful in treatment of migraine, sinus problems and allergies.

5. Rakta moksham
Rakta moksham is generally not prescribed in modern Ayurvedic practice and has become passive. The process involves ‘bloodletting’ so as to remove the toxic load that travels through blood circulation. Considered too extreme, this has been abandoned. These processes of 
Panchkarma treatment are recommended as per requirement and depending upon the conditions, the frequency and type of process could be chosen by the Panchkarma expert.

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