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Bone & Joint Care

Jeevana is an Ayurvedic center that can give you results for any type of disease. Bone and Joint Care ayurvedic treatment in Pune is a choice you can make to get the best treatment for yourself.

If you wish to understand what Bone and Joint Care ayurvedic treatment all is about, come to our center. Visit one of our Bone and Joint Care ayurvedic treatment centers in Pune. Our Centers: 1. Bone and Joint Care ayurvedic treatment in Shivaji Nagar, 2. Bone and Joint Care ayurvedic treatment in Kalyani Nagar and 3. Bone and Joint Care Ayurvedic treatment in Salunke Vihar

What Causes Joint Pain?

Ayurvedic understanding suggests that ailments in the body are caused due to an imbalance in the optimal levels of the three doshas or tridoshas: the Vata dosha, pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha. Any such imbalance can block the flow of prana (the life force) and affect the circulation of nutrients in the body. For example, joint pain can have several causes. Common causes of joint pain include physical injury, general wear and tear of the joints, or an underlying disease. According to Ayurveda, joint pain results from imbalanced Vata Dosha in our bodies. The Vata Dosha handles all the movements within our mind and body. It is also in charge of maintaining blood flow, evacuation of bodily wastes, and breathing.
Bone and Joint Care ayurvedic treatment in Pune

At NuAyurveda, We Offer The Best Ayurveda Joint pain Treatment

Abhyangam is a full body (Head to Toe) Ayurvedic massage, which is done by two therapists in a synchronised manner with medicated herbal oils.
You can experience your Joint pain alleviating within just a few days of this therapy.

Kizhi uses powders, herbs, rice, and sand tied in a muslin cloth to make small satchels. These powders, herbs, rice or sand sacks are then heated and lightly pounded over the body or specific parts of the body as needed.
Kizhi is an effective Ayurvedic method for the treatment of Joint pains, Muscular cramps, Spondylosis, Osteoarthritis, and Lower Back Pain.

Greeva Basti Ayurvedic therapy targets the neck region and alleviates the Pain and Stiffness in the neck and its surrounding joints and tissues. Greeva Basti works effectively in the treatment of Upper back pain, Cervical spondylosis, and Muscular strain.

Janu Basti aims to improve the knee function. In this therapy, specialised herbal oil is pooled over the knee in a mold made up of black gram paste or whole wheat flour for about 30-40 minutes. Janu Basti adds the flexibility to the stiff and painful knee joints to relieve them of the pain.

Sneha Basti is a part of Panchakarma Detoxification ther It detoxifies your body by flushing out the toxins present in your lower body. In this therapy, medical oil or ghee enema is administered through the anal route.

Kashaya Basti reduces the lower Back Pain and treats the conditions such as Rheumatism and G It is also effective in Gastric problems and Neurological ailments such as Paralysis.

Our centers for Bone and Joint Care ayurvedic treatment in Pune:

1. Bone and Joint Care ayurvedic treatment in Shivaji Nagar (Center)

1076/13 Vidya Vihar colony, Opposite Symbiosis distance learning center, Near E-Square Theater, Shivaji Nagar, Pune-411016

Ph.020-25663385 / 86,25664485


2. Bone and Joint Care ayurvedic treatment in Kalyani Nagar (Center)

Ashoka Triplex A, Lane No.8, Opposite Silver Oak Society, Off. Jogesh Park Lane, Near Goldadlabs Theater-411014



3. Bone and Joint Care ayurvedic treatment in Salunke Vihar (Center)

Flat No.2, Vazir Manor, Near Sahyadri Park, Behind Salunke Vihar Rd, Pune-411048

Ph.020-26855070 / 80

So, what are you waiting to call us now to get the best Bone and Joint Care ayurvedic treatment in Pune.

Jeevana offers ayurvedic treatments for all kinds of ailments and assures complete relief from them.


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