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Neuromuscular Problem

Jeevana is an Ayurvedic center that can give you the best Ayurvedic.  Neuromuscular Treatment in Pune is a choice you can make to get the best treatment for yourself. If you wish to understand what Neuromuscular Problems are all about, come to our center. 

Visit one of our Neuromuscular Treatment centers in Pune. Our Centers: 1. Neuromuscular Treatment in Shivaji Nagar, 2. Neuromuscular Treatment in Kalyani Nagar and 3. Neuromuscular Treatment in Salunke Vihar

Neuromuscular Treatment :

A neuromuscular disorder is a disorder of the nerves and muscles that can lead to difficulties with movement, such as paralysis. Various types of neuromuscular disorders exist and can influence different body regions. These issues can be triggered by injury or disease.
There are many treatments for neuromuscular problems, but the best ayurvedic treatment is typically a combination of therapies. Some of the most common ayurvedic treatments for neuromuscular problems include:
Therapies that use heat or cold to relax and improve blood flow can be helpful for neuromuscular problems. Massage therapy can also help improve circulation and reduce pain. Ayurvedic medicines, such as ginkgo biloba, can also be helpful in treating neuromuscular problems.
Neuromuscular Treatment in Pune

Benefits :

Looking for help with neuromuscular problems can provide many benefits, such as improved quality of life, diminished aches and pains, improved movement, increased strength and endurance, reduced risk of harm, lowered chance of long-term pain, the lessened chance of chronic fatigue, decreased likelihood of chronic stress, lowered possibility of chronic sleeplessness, and decreased probability of chronic depression.

Our centers for Neuromuscular Treatment in Pune:

1. Neuromuscular Treatment in Shivaji Nagar (Center)

1076/13 Vidya Vihar colony, Opposite Symbiosis distance learning center, Near E-Square Theater, Shivaji Nagar, Pune-411016

Ph.020-25663385 / 86,25664485

2. Neuromuscular Treatment in Kalyani Nagar (Center)

Ashoka Triplex A, Lane No.8, Opposite Silver Oak Society, Off. Jogesh Park Lane, Near Goldadlabs Theater-411014


3. Neuromuscular Treatment in Salunke Vihar (Center)

Flat No.2, Vazir Manor, Near Sahyadri Park, Behind Salunke Vihar Rd, Pune-411048

Ph.020-26855070 / 80

Jeevana offers ayurvedic treatments for all kinds of ailments and assures complete relief from them.

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