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Garbh Sanskar

Jeevana is an Ayurvedic center that can give you results for any type of disease. Garbh Sanskar in Pune is a choice you can make to get the best treatment for your child. Garbh Sanskar is a very important step in a woman’s life. It is a very important ritual that is done during a woman’s pregnancy to ensure that the baby is born healthy and without any defects. Garbh Sanskar is also done to bless the baby before it is born.

If you wish to understand what Garbh Sanskar all is about, come to our center. Visit one of our Garbh Sanskar centers in Pune. Our Centers: 1. Garbh Sanskar in Shivaji Nagar, 2. Garbh Sanskar in Kalyani Nagar and 3. Garbh Sanskar in Salunke Vihar.


Garbh Sanskar is a process followed by pregnant women to ensure the healthy development of their unborn child. It begins with the woman taking a bath and then going to bed. She is then given a sacred thread to wear and is asked to recite a prayer. 

The following day, she is asked to bathe again and then go to the temple. There, she is given a sacred cloth and is asked to smear it on her forehead and chest as an offering to the god Vishnu. She then recites a prayer to Him before being given a sacred thread to wear and being sent home.

Garbh Sanskar in Pune

Benefits :

It is believed that Garbh Sanskar is advantageous for expectant mothers in numerous respects. It is thought to contribute to the baby’s brain and spine growth, raise the mother’s mood and energy, and increase her chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby.

Our centers for Garbh Sanskar in Pune:

1. Garbh Sanskar in Shivaji Nagar (Center)

1076/13 Vidya Vihar colony, Opposite Symbiosis distance learning center, Near E-Square Theater, Shivaji Nagar, Pune-411016

Ph.020-25663385 / 86,25664485

2. Garbh Sanskar in Kalyani Nagar (Center)

Ashoka Triplex A, Lane No.8, Opposite Silver Oak Society, Off. Jogesh Park Lane, Near Goldadlabs Theater-411014


3. Garbh Sanskar in Salunke Vihar (Center)

Flat No.2, Vazir Manor, Near Sahyadri Park, Behind Salunke Vihar Rd, Pune-411048

Ph.020-26855070 / 80

Jeevana offers ayurvedic treatments for all kinds of ailments and assures complete relief from them.

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